Martin’s Story

Martin was an 8-year-old boy who loved learning, sports and the world around him.  Martin was a school peacemaker and recognized at a young age that while we are all different, we are all the same.  The way Martin saw the world anything was possible. 

In the days after the bombing, a photo of Martin holding a handmade poster that read “No more hurting people. Peace” was shared over the Internet and made many see Martin as a symbol of peace.  

Though he thoroughly enjoyed his school day and loved new information, Martin despised written homework.  He preferred to stay outdoors for as long as possible and regale his family with dinnertime stories of his favorites – JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr. Ghandi and Henry Ford.

While he could be usually found playing baseball, basketball, street hockey, or flag football, Martin’s love of the Boston Marathon grew as he participated in the BAA Children’s Relay on Marathon weekend with his community track team for three consecutive years.  A team player, he enjoyed guiding younger kids to their positions and helping them out during the game.