Jaden’s Top Expenses 

-Specialized schooling “Idaho Learning Center” at Cole Valley Christian Schools. ($350 per month)
-Routine blood work and doctor visits and X-rays. ($280 per month)
-Payments to hospital for past surgeries. ($200 per month)
-MRI and specialized medication ($200 per month)
-Prescriptions and g-tube replacements. ($100 per month)

Jaden’s Life

Jaden was born on March 15th 2003 with no heart beat and had a full resuscitation at St. Luke's Children's Hospital, in Boise, Idaho.  It is estimated that Jaden had no heart beat for 12-15 minutes.  At birth Jaden was diagnosed with V.A.T.E.R. syndrome, Klippel-Feil syndrome, Duodenal atresia, and multiple other anomalies.  The doctors did not expect Jaden to recover  from his traumatic birth.  “We were told to expect the worst and hope for the best.” Jaden spent much of his first year at St. Luke's Children’s hospital in Idaho, Primary Children’s Utah, and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  He suffered from a rare condition called Transient Hyperinsulinism, which led us to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  While there Jaden contracted Pseudomonas in his central line which nearly took his life.  The medication used to treat Jaden caused him to lose most of his hearing and kidney function.  He has since regained full kidney function but is still monitored closely.  His hearing has returned with the use of hearing aids.  In 12 years Jaden has been resilient through 17 surgeries and has countless more in his future. Recently Jaden had surgery in late February of 2015 on his left ear to remove a reoccurring cholesteatoma. Jaden will have another surgery on July 8 and then 3 months after that he will endure another procedure on the same ear to make sure the cholesteatoma is all gone. Through every single one of them Jaden keeps smiling and inspiring every person he meets.